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Your true One-Stop Gold Trading Service

GSS is a gold trading pioneer, raising the bar through cutting-edge research and development.

  • Continuous innovation of Gold products and technology.
  • Integral to the ASEAN Gold Belt and International Market.
  • We seek to connect the Precious Metals market, across Physical, OTC and Exchange-Traded asset classes and continually embrace the Electronic and Digital age.
  • An esteemed Global “One-Stop” Precious Metal Investment House.

What We Do

GSS is well-known both in Thailand and internationally. We are a 60-year-old company that opened its first in Bangkok.

Our Group’s annual sales volume is over USD 20 billion, and we are one of Thailand’s top five companies. Our Group is one of ASEAN’s top 5 precious metal importers and exporters.

We are honoured to serve on the committees of the Thai Gold Trader Association (GTA) and the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA). Also, licenced to trade on the Thai Futures Exchange (TFEX).

GSS has been investing in precious metals for over 30 years.
Besides, we provide consulting services to customers to set up their own Gold Online trading platforms. These integrated products are customized and executed to meet individual needs.

Why GSS?

Provides tailored made consultancy services for customers to set up their own Gold Online trading systems.

Loco London Gold Market liquidity provider

Liquidity provider of Loco London Gold market

Access to a wide range of products

Access to diverse products

Capability to trade gold and silver margins at competitive rates

Ability to Participate in Gold and Silver Margin Trading at competitive rates

Ability to hedge and trade competitively down to 1g or 1oz

Flexibility to hedge and trade competitively down to 1g or 1oz

Precious metals margin trading services available 24/7

24 hours precious metals margin trading services

Trustworthy internet trading platforms: MT4 and MT5

Secure and reliable online trading platforms: MT4

A self-service platform assists clients in recognising market opportunities

A self-service platform, that helps clients to grasp the potential opportunity in the market

Different trading orders, such as limit orders, stop orders, and position limit management

Various trading orders including limit order, stop order and position limit management

A strong stream of skilled marketing professionals ready to assist 24/7

Strong steam of Skilled Marketing officers who provide 24-hour trading information advice

A dealing crew that is available 24/7 to receive your trade orders.

24-hour dealing team to receive your trading orders