Develop Your Trading Skills With MTS

Educating and empowering clients is an essential part of allowing traders to trade confidently.

How to Start Trading?

Trading orders include Limit Orders, Stop Orders, and One-Cancel-The-Other Orders (OCO), among others. Clients can change the validity of their orders for a single day (Day Order) or until Friday of the same week (GTF).

Buy Limit Order

To place a buy order in advance at a lower price.

Eg, if the current LLG price is US $1,260/oz, set a Buy Limit Order at US $1,258/oz or below in advance to increase profit.

Sell Limit Order

To place a sell order at a better price in advance.

Sell Stop Order

Close new positions at a lower price than the current market price.

For example, suppose the current LLG price is US $1,260/oz, and you place a Sell Stop Order at the US $1,258/oz ahead of time to limit your risk.

The trading terminal can be downloaded at:

Trading Platform

Locate the trading platform under “Trading Platform.” MTS bullion clients can install one of the industry’s most popular trading platforms on their PCs or mobile devices. Those who are “always on the go” can also use web versions of the platforms, which can be accessed at any time through familiar browsers.

MT4 Platform

The most prominent platforms that have gained the trust of the trading community.

How Do I Place an Order?

  1. Determine the number of lots
  2. On the trading terminal panel, click “New order,” then enter the order volume as well as the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  3. Depending on the order direction, click “Buy” or “Sell.”

Note 1:
All instructions will be carried out exclusively during our company’s trading hours. We reserve the right to deny or cancel any orders.

Note 2:
Remember to specify whether you are creating a new position or closing an existing one when submitting trading instructions; otherwise, all transactions will be conducted per the First In, First Out principle.

Note 3:
When the market condition swings dramatically, the pre-set “Stop Order” or “Limit Order” may be executed at a market price that differs from the preset price, or it may not be executed and cancelled.

Note 4:
MTS Bullion reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.