Frequently Asked Questions

Look up the most frequently asked questions about trading with MTS Bullion.

How do I create an MT4 Sub-account with MTS

You can apply by following our usual sub-account opening procedure. Our Electronic Trading Client Services team will facilitate the setting of your MT4 sub-account once your sub-account has been approved and you have completed an additional agreement (the MT4 agreement).

Then, download the MT4 terminal and sign in using the MT4 login information we email you. You’ll be able to use both the mobile and desktop versions. Once you’ve paid your MTS account, you’ll have full access to MT4 in two to three days.

What assistance is accessible during setup?

Our Sales department will walk you through the account opening procedure. The Risk team will take over the MT4 setup once you have signed the supplementary MT4 agreement. They will explain which liquidity option best meets your needs and will assist you in gaining access to MT4.

What can I trade on MT4 through MTS

We currently support trading spot metals on MT4.

What is the minimum amount?

The minimum amount to open an account is USD 5,000 or the equivalent value in other currencies.

Is there an app for MetaTrader 4?

Yes, the free mobile apps may be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

MT4 Account Orders

How is the margin usage on my MTS MT4 sub-account linked to my other MTS accounts/sub-accounts?

Margin usage for your MT4 account is distributed across all MT4 sub-accounts. It is important to note that when your margin utilisation hits 100%, a Stop-Out will be activated and all margin positions in your MT4 account (including all sub-accounts) will be closed.