1. Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin & Margin Call

·         Initial MarginThe required amount to open any position

·         Maintenance MarginThe account equity must be maintained at or above 70% of the account initial margin.

·         Margin CallFor any client's equity in his/her account falls below 70% of initial margin, he/she is liable and required to keep the equity return to the initial margin level, client may deposit the required amount or liquidate any part or all of the opened position to revert the equity not less than full amount of initial margin. If the client cannot revert his/her equity to initial margin level on the any part or all of his/her opened position may be liquidated by the Company.

2. Closing out position by automatic stop-loss

·         For any client's Equity in his/her account falls to or below 30% of the initial margin, the trading system may automatically close out all of his/her outstanding position;

·         If the opening price after the weekend or market holidays has led the client's Equity falls to or below 30% or even be negative, those positions will be liquidate at the opening price, if there is any negative balance in the account, client is liable to it.

·         On every Friday or Hong Kong Public Holidays Eve (the previous trade day of Hong Kong public holiday), for any client's account equity falls to or below 100% (USD settlement - US$1,300/lot) of its initial margin at its closing, all open positions will be liquidated at closing price without any previous notice.


Note 1 :  

Acknowledgment and confirmation will be given to online trading client for any closed out position executed by MTS Gold Bullion Limited via e-mail.

Note 2 :  

Acknowledgment and confirmation will be given to phone trading client for any closed out position executed by MTS Gold Bullion Limited via e-mail.via phone or fax.

Note 3 :  

A margin call will be initiated for all outstanding position(s) at permissive conditions; however, due to a variety of conditions (including drastic fluctuations of market price), which may fail to ensure timely contact with client before the automatically liquidation. Therefore, clients must monitor the market regularly, and make sure there is sufficient cash balance in the account.

3. Communication methods for Margin Call

·         Margin call will be issued to client via phone, email or SMS (if applicable) to provide details on additional amount of margin required and any other requirement required for the outstanding position(s).


Note 1: MTS Gold Bullion Limited reserves the rights at its sole discretion to change or amend any terms of precious metals margin trading requirement and fees without any prior notice.